Pleasant Hills South Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. was organized as a vision and a desire for ministry in the South Metropolitan Atlanta area. Rev. Elliott D. Williams, under the auspices of the Holy Spirit was led to incorporate in May of 2008. While being certain of the call of God to incorporate Pleasant Hills South; the instructions to organize and to go forward had not been given. There was unfinished business that needed to be taken care of and preparation had to be done. During the next twenty-six months of praying and preparing, God was gathering a remnant of people who have a heart for him and heard his voice.

It was early in August 2010, when God gave the orders to organize and to go forward. We met at the WAIN. Internet TV station, at 3105 Washington, Road in East Point, Georgia 30344, there were twenty-three people present and committed their membership to Pleasant Hills South Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. Officers were selected and voted on unanimously. Rev. Elliott D. Williams was received as pastor at that meeting.

Our first worship service was on the second Sunday in August 2010, at the Internet station. God manifested himself from the outset with a dynamic worship service and by adding to the church. Pastor Williams organized our first community outing October 9th, 2010, and our second community outing November 13th, 2010, which was a huge success. As God continued to add to the church we were in need of transportation to pick up those who needed transportation, and God blessed us to pay cash for our first church van.

In November of 2010, the need for a larger place to worship became evident; and we were blessed to least space from Pastor Stephen Wiggins and the Christ Lutheran Church located at 2719 Delowe, Drive in East Point, Georgia 30344. Through the grace of God, our good friends Pastor W. J. Lawson, Sr. and the Cornerstone Community Baptist Church opened their hearts and doors by providing, fellowship and a place to baptize for God had given us four candidates.

God has blessed the church tremendously in the year of 2011 He has blessed us with a steady musician, faithful members, and Pleasant Hills South ministries, which includes: the Deacons Ministry, Deacon-Aides Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Mother's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Usher Ministry, and Praise Team. With the aid of the Holy Spirit we are able to meet the concerns of the community and share the love of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

After working diligently towards our goal, God has blessed us to move into our own sanctuary at 5445 Buffington Road, College Park, Georgia 30349.  On September 4, 2011 we observed our first worship service in our new building, we are truly grateful to God and Pastor Williams who has been a faithful steward to the spiritual growth of God's people.

As we celebrate the goodness and blessings of God let us do so with uplifted hearts, praise, and honor for God as we dedicate this house to you.



What We Believe