This ministry birth from the biblical story of Joseph one of the twelve sons of Jacob, When Pharaoh had a dream, there was a young man who had been falsely accused and imprisoned by the name of Joseph who was brought up out of prison to interpret Pharaoh dream. This dream was twofold, Pharaoh dream of seven well favoured and fat kine and seven ill favoured and leanfleshed kine, seven full ears of corn and seven thin ears. Joseph interpreted this dream to Pharaoh as being seven years of plenteous and seven years of famine. During the seven years of plenty Joseph recommended to Pharaoh to have a storehouse to store all goods during this period that when the seven years of famine would come there would be enough stored up for provision to all. This storehouse ministry is our vision, to store up and provide provision for all those who need help during their time of famine. It is our mission and goal to provide needed assistance to those helpless, hopeless and hurting in the form of clothing, food, and future expansion to job assistance and temporary shelter assistance. We will engage this mission by utilizing our everyday resources, family, friends, neighbors and co-workers in short one another, for the bible says that we are our brotherâ€s keeper. So we say come shop with us. If you would like to join in and help us with this great endeavor that our Lord and Savior has mission us on please feel free to stop by or contact us at 678-698-1845and just mention the Jospeh store.

We have established a food and clothing pantry here at CI.
Our hope is to reach out to those in our community who are in need!

Our Pantry consists of non-perishable food items, such as canned, boxed and dried foods. We would like to be able to not only send people home with a bag of groceries, but with the ingredients that will put together a simple meal.

We are also putting clothing in our pantry. We are taking clothing of all sizes, children to adult, but would like to ask when donating clothes that it be only gently used, clean clothing. We do not have laundry facilities, so pre-washed
clothes are essential.